Three-person Friendship

Have you ever found it difficult to make friends? Do you even know what qualities you should look for when picking your friends?

As a college student, it is difficult to make time for friends and it is harder to find the time to form those deep friendships. Many of us have friends in our lives over the years but as we grow older, we lose contact to some of them. Other friends may be stay in touch with us but slowly we lose touch because of busy schedules. But then there is that last group of friends that the bonds run so deep and we call them true friends- when they come in to your life, cherish it!

During my college- challenging part of my life- there were individuals that I consider my truest of friends. They were the one who saw me through best and tough times. They picked me up when I was down and they stood by me when I felt alone. They loved me without judgment and expectations. These true friends were always there for me; not always in person but always in heart. True friends help us grow and change for the better. They support us in good times or in bad times.

But what about if you have two best friends? Having two best friends will always be better than having just one but having two best friends can be a lot more complicated than dealing with just one. 

These are few disadvantages and advantages of having a two BFFs:

  1. Two is always better than one. You have two supporters even one of you always ends up feeling left out.
  2. It’s bad when you hear they went somewhere without you which leaves you wondering what the two of them say about you.
  3. Any text is now a group text. 
  4. You always have someone to stay in with and you always have someone to go out with. There’s always someone available for everything.
  5. You have a second opinion when you don’t like the first one and an argument will always have two sides for you to choose from.
  6. You always end up having to tell the story twice.
  7. When you go out, everything is cheaper because you share.

Two people is a friendship. Three is a family. True friends secure a place in your heart forever. A strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, doesn’t always need togetherness as long as the relationship lives in the heart, true friends will mever be part.

“A true friend is the greatest of all blessings.”

Unhealthy Relationship

All relationships have ups and downs. You should not rely on those magical fairytale lovestories because you must believe in the unique power of your relationship. If you find yourself in a relationship that is weak, don’t ever give up.

A relationship takes time. Don’t expect that you will always be happy. Sometimes you will feel frustrated and just say to yourself that you just wanted to quit or you just wanted to leave your partner. Nowadays, we think that people are like clothes; quick and easy to change. You will dump your partner and find someone else that you think is better than her/him. Remember that your partner is not a toy that you will leave if it is broken or if your parents brought you a new one.

Your partner was placed in your life for a reason. If it doesn’t workout, it also has a reason. Every experience has a learning. Don’t expect a partner that has a perfect package because you will ended up being disappointed throughout your relationships. Don’t be a silly to rely on everything you saw on a facebook post or any social media. Every person has its own uniqueness. You must learn how to love your partner’s uniqueness and be used to it.

You should remember these things:

  • Be open to your partner. Be honest; even you did something bad, you should confess it to him/her.
  • Always listen to your partner. It is the first step in communicating and communicating is a way to save your relationship.
  • Do something you’ve never tried before.
  • Don’t listen to other’s opinions about you and your partner. Don’t let other people ruin your relationship. It is not about them, it is about you and your partner. They are out.
  • Forgive each other. Forgiving is very hard because it is hard to forget. Remind yourself that whatever happened, happened.
  • Be fair. Tell your partner what would you like them to do or not do and accept what your partner wants too. Always remember the Golden Rule!

    If it is broken, fix it. Be responsible, be respectful, have patience and be loyal. 🙂